Forged parts for a wide array of applications

Cold Forging

Typically by cold forging we can reduce the raw material weight by 20% or higher when compared to hot upset forged parts or straight bar stock machining. Cold forging also reduces the costs of the raw material as there is no flash and no waste. Overall tolerances are very tight and we can also forge in centers eliminating the need for end mill and centering operations. Cold forgings have excellent surface finish and no scale. Physical property properties are also improved by refining the grain structure.

Press Forging

Forgings made from ounces to 350 pounds each. Using an innovation approach from start to finish. Depending on the part size and volume, we can make from one to six parts at a time in the dies. Specializing in getting parts first to market, CAD and CNC capabilities are used to supply extreme quality and zero PPM parts (defect free).

Hammer Forging

Hammer forging in carbon and alloy steel and Stainless Steel. Forged parts made on hammers from 1,000 pound to 16,000 pounds. Parts sizes from ounces minimum to 350 pounds maximum. Specializing in short lead-times, 10 million pounds of steel are on hand at all times. CAD and CNC capabilities are used to supply fast precise tooling.

Forging Solutions

Established in 1989, Forging Solutions LLC has developed and maintained a successful business by developing a diligent program to supply our customer base with high quality forgings from high quality DEBT FREE Companies, on time at competitive prices. Our focus is to provide customers using forgings a wide variety of forging methods and materials. If it’s forged send us your “Request for Quote.