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Established in 1989, Forging Solutions LLC has developed and maintained a successful business by developing a diligent program to supply our customer base with high quality forgings from high quality DEBT FREE Companies, on time at competitive prices. Our focus is to provide customers using forgings a wide variety of forging methods and materials. If it's forged send us your "Request for Quote.

We will insure our customers that that they have the forgings the need when needed without having to maintain excessive inventories. We focus heavily on Customer Retention, Sales Growth, Process Diversification and Market Expansion.

Forging Solutions is established, knowledgeable and ready to be your prime source for forgings. Count on us in good times and bad, when foreign and domestic forgers fall by the wayside and let you down, well be with you when it counts.

Send your RFQ's for all forgings, we will determine the location for production based on part size, annual volume, and the forging process to most competitively make the part.

Financially strong, quality forging suppliers are your competitive advantage ensuring success in today's global market.

Forged parts for a wide array of applications. Flexibility and variety in volumes, part sizes and materials forged. Shipping throughout North America, Canada and Mexico to a diverse industrial clientele including Fortune 500 companies, OEM's and Tier 1, 2 and 3 companies in Automotive/Truck, Agricultural Equipment, Mining, Off-Highway, Oil Field, Power Transmission markets to name a few. Please allow us to quote all your current and future forging requirements.

Quality Forgings from Solid Sources
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Latest News

Diversification Continues

January 2022 Internal Heat Treat Added to hot forging operation. Also CNC Laster cutting.

Our Partners

Sales / Manufacturers representatives are available across most of North America and Mexico.

If you need a Sales Representative to contact you please email me and I will have a rep. contact you immediately: forging