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-Fast die making for quick turn around
Complete in house die facilities for expediting new jobs. Fast samples and production.

Allow us to work with you developing your next forging program. We are also very interested in quoting to your established forging designs. All we need is your drawing or files, the volumes required and the raw material needed.

The examples below represent some of our efforts to realize forging cost savings starting with the current forging design. We will use our expertise to help design a part based on your finished part adding a minimum of raw material for clean-up. The result is lower part costs due to less material and significantly less machining is required by our customers.

One example is a part that was previously a near net shaped hot press forging with only. 1 degree draft. Technically a very nice part – in the past! The original part weighed 3.5 pounds, had a minimum of .060″ machine stock and 1 degree draft. SWM reduced this parts net forging weight to 2.5 pounds a 33% reduction! The new near net part has less than 010″ machine stock and no draft.

Another example is a Hatebur forging that we redisigned into a cold forging. We eliminated all draft and significantly reduced the stock allowance to a fraction of the hot forging. The part weight was reduced significantly and in addition the surface conditions are also preferable.┬áThe new near net part has less than 010″ machine stock and no draft.

Hot Forging also offers similar opportunities to reduce draft and machining stock…. Forging Solutions will work with the forgers to provide the most efficient part possible.

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