Near net cold forged parts save material and machining time in your operation resulting in over all cost savings.

Typically we can reduce the raw material weight by 20% or higher when compared to hot upset forged parts or straight bar stock machining. Cold forging also reduces the costs of the raw material as there is no flash and no waste. Overall tolerances are very tight and we can also forge in centers eliminating the need for end mill and centering operations. Cold forgings have excellent surface finish and no scale. Physical property properties are also improved by refining the grain structure.
Part Size Capabilities:Diameters from 1 in. min. to 4 in. max.Up to 16 in. lengthSpecialize in extruded shafts.General Tolerances and machine stock allowanceLength Tolerances +/ – .5mm (+/ – .02″)Dia. Tolerance +/ .25mm or better (+/ -.01″)

Stock allowance .25mm or less! (.01″)

CPK tracking critical dimensions on random parts average = 7.21

Advantages of Cold Forgings include:

Net and Near Net parts – reduce or eliminate machining

Reduce raw material waste – No Flash!

Low Scrap rates -0- PPM rejections

Tight tolerances with forged centers if required.

Excellent surface finish no scale!

Improved physical properties by refining grain structure. Eliminates subsequent heat treating

Average press uptime = 94%

Forged in centers can eliminate end mill and center operations.

Forging Solutions will manage your program from start to finish. From the initial quotation to sample parts and initial production. Once in production, product and delivery consistency are standard procedure. 100% on time delivery and -0- PPM rejects are documented by current customers and available for your review.


cold-forging1These parts were originally hot forgings with 5 degree draft and .060 machining stock, We converted these parts to near net cold forgings with -0- degree draft and .010″ machining stock. The gross weight was reduced significantly, the machining time was improved and the surface condition is preferable, all resulting in lower cost.

The parts below are all current cold forged examples of cost saving parts presently in production.