Forging Solutions

Hammer forging in carbon and alloy steel. Forged parts made on power hammers from 3,000 pound to 10,000 pounds. Parts sizes from 5 pounds minimum to 160 pounds maximum.
This forging facility is one of a kind in the world, offering the most efficient material handling system available anywhere. Completely conveyorized, parts travel for over three hours before automatic cleaning occurs and parts proceed to final visual inspection. Specializing in short lead-times, 10 million pounds of steel are on hand at all times. CAD and CNC capabilities are used to supply fast precise tooling in five weeks or less.

Thirty additional power and drop hammers are available at locations in the Mid-Western U.S.


 Hub Forgings



Vertical Machining Centers


Gear Forgings


Lift to Main Conveyor


Repeatable Tooling


Efficient Hammer Crews

Up to 10 million pounds of standard grade steels are available at any one point in time for customer use.