Forging Solutions

Press forgings in carbon, alloy and stainless steel. Forged parts made on presses from 1,000 ton to 1,600 tons.

Forgings made from ounces to 20 pounds each. Using an innovation approach from start to finish. Depending on the part size and volume, we can make from one to six parts at a time in the dies. Specializing in getting parts first to market, CAD and CNC capabilities are used to supply extreme quality and zero PPM parts (defect free).

Difficult forgings above for the Automotive and Truck and Recreational Vehicle market from Forging Solutions:
 Forgings for Wheel Ends applications, Steering and Suspension, Engine Parts, Connecting Rods, Balance Shafts, tow hitch components and many others. Please also note that Forging Solutions can not only supply forgings for the various vehicle applications, but also in plant conveyor and engine lifting components, such as the engine lifting brackets shown.

Forgings above represent various size and configurations of parts for the Railroad market from Forging Solutions:
Forgings are used in the transport of liquid chemicals, to railcar braking components and shock absorption components. Forging Solutions can provide forged parts from ounces to 20 pounds maximum and up to a maximum of 21 inches in length.
These forging are representative of several markets served by Forging Solutions:  Forgings here represent parts used in vehicle assembly operations. In additional yoke forgings for automotive and truck driveline applications. Spindles for recreations vehicles, rings for gears, sprockets for mining, and other components for material handling. Forging Solutions can provide parts whatever your market application. Send your Request For Quote with forging print files, part volumes and material grade specifications. Send to for a quote within 2-3 days


Mechanical Forging Presses 1000 to 1600 Ton
Flexible forging capabilities including press forging of one to six forgings at a time in the die. Micro-Alloy conveyors and direct water quenching after forging are standard practices with equipment in place.

Dies made from CNC generated electrodes:
Complete in house die room for fast turnaround of new dies and samples. CNC Turning Centers are also available for production turning of forged parts.